I am a stay-at-home mom of two; a 5 year old girl, I will refer to as Talkalot, and a 2 year old boy, I will refer to as Stinkalot. If you knew my kids you would completely understand both references! This year has been a year of homeschool preschool in our home, but next fall we will officially begin homeschool Kindergarten! My husband works and keeps the bills paid, and I take family photographs to help buy the kids new shoes and clothes (what I call “the extras”). We live in the country and have two dogs. I’d say that we have the perfect life, but you and I both know that isn’t true. No one has a perfect life, but I am beyond blessed with what we do have! There are days I would love to be back at work, reading books to the kids at story hour (I was a librarian), instead of breaking up fights between kids and picking up trash the dogs ripped into outside…..but overall, I love my life and am happy to be able to share a small part of it with you!


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